About the Author


Greetings Cadets,

My name is Eugene P. Strowbridge. I’m an aspiring writer and activist, currently attending Bemidji State University in the frozen northern reaches of Minnesota. I’ve created this blog to serve as a platform for my homework in my Weblogs and Wikis course, as well as to lay the foundation for my new project. “What is this new project?!” You may ask whilst mentally salivating in a fit of excitement. As you may or may not have surmised, it’s entitled Rebel Voices: Cries from the Northwoods. The idea is to capture and record counter-culture art found in Bemidji, with homage paid to Carol Ann Russel’s class, Rebel Voices in American Poetry.

The content herein will be split. Weblogs and Wikis assignments will chronicle my quest to learn the nuances of blogging and improve the overall quality of said blog, while Rebel Voices will capture the defiant spirit of art in my poetry class, and the community of Bemidji.

If you’re interested in having your art published to the blog, or just have an idea as to how to improve it, please leave me a comment!

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