en3177 Assignment, Bootcamp Reflection

As I type my reflection many 13 hours late, I’m confronted with the inadequacy of my performance thus far. Most of my postings have been late or rushed, and though this is mainly due to spotty WiFi and the lack of a personal computer, I still could have done better.

I am, however, happy to announce that I will no longer be confined to posting from my phone, or hunting down a suitable computer. I bought a laptop with a two year warranty, an important detail considering the fate of the last two computer to cross my path. I will now be able to post regularly from home, and with a new and independent WiFi connection in the works, more reliability.

My work thus far hasn’t been up to par, but I have learned a few things about networking, WordPress, and blogging in general. I’m still excited to learn more, as the path of the modern writer seems inextricable from the phenomenon of blogging. As I observe my class mates I realize that I still have much to learn, and as I hit the submit button at the bottom of the screen, I do so with renewed vigor and the promise that the next will be more timely.

Links to my course work thus far, and links to some art:

 Intro    Fire Escape

IP and CC        Dumpsters in the Dark

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